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The more I read about feminists and feminism the more intrigue I became with it. I am a feminist in many ways and did not even know it. What I find interesting, is that treating people with respect and as my equal, I had no idea was a characteristic of a feminist. These positive attributes that define a feminist, from my perspective is just another way of defining what it means to be human and to live as a human. This age of technology is so awesome. It allows all of us to share and learn from each other, no matter where we are or who we are. What’s gender got to do with it? All of us have so much to offer and contribute to each others lives. How precious, we all are.

I watched two YouTube videos on feminism from two different women of different cultures. Fascinating! Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is Nigerian and a renowned novelist. She spends her time in both United States and Nigeria.


Zena Agha a young woman who is very active in her home town, shares her story on how Islam made her a feminist.


As women, we can do some amazing and wonderful things that can contribute to a peaceful society where we all can live in harmony with each other. This is the era of technology, new media and new media tools. I will do my best to use it in the most positive and empowering ways possible.

Yay to women, girls and yay to the media! It is not the media; it is how we use it! Let’s empower all!

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Empower Yourself: Love What Makes You Different

dork diaries pic

I first heard of Dork Diaries watching the CBS morning news in October of this year. I was so impressed with Rachel Renee Russell, the author. Her daughters Niki and Erin were bullied in middle school. This is the foundation from which she decided to launch the Dork Diaries series. They were different and unique in their own way.

The characters of Dork Diaries are diverse in ethnicity and personal character. One important aspect of the Dork Diaries series, is it crosses all boundaries and unites girls of all ethnicities. Most importantly, it is empowering young girls to love their inner dorkiness and have confidence in themselves even if you are not like others. The fans that follow the series are of all ethnicities and personalities.

I sure wish Dork Diaries was around when I was growing up. I was very independent growing up. People will single you out when you don’t follow them and stand your own ground. As a young girl growing up my grandmother would always tell me to treat others the way you want to be treated. Niki and Erin feel the same way.

Website: http:  //

Erykah Badu: Unique in Style and Her Music

Erica baduI like Erykah Badu, I think she is talented and unique in her style. She strikes me as grounded and a secure woman of the 21st century. When I look at her, it’s like viewing a painting. She is very different, you have no choice but to see the person.

Erica badu.jpg 2

The patterns emerging in the music industry do seem to center on relationships and sex. Sex sells records. It is unfortunately that women want to portray themselves in that way. However, money could be the major influence as to why women allow themselves to be portrayed as sex symbols and giving of themselves to men. Sometimes women do what they have to do in some cases to survive. Some music videos are disrespectful and define women as being desperate and insecure. But it sells. Is this how women of today view themselves or is it a matter of surviving?

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Different Visions, Different Times; Patty Duke Show, Leave It To Beaver & Father Knows Best

As a child growing up in the early 60s, I watched the Patty Duke Show, Leave It to Beaver, Father Knows Best, Dennis the Menace, Little Rascals & The Monsters. I grew up with two brothers, as the oldest and only girl. That’s how The Monsters, Dennis the Menace & Little Rascals made this list.

patty duke      leave it to beaver  father knows best image

My favorites of the shows I listed above were: The Patty Duke Show, Leave It to Beaver and Father Knows Best. A glimpse of The Patty Duke show can be viewed at the YouTube link below.

These shows were clean and innocent. The women in my opinion were portrayed in a positive light and very appealing to watch and listen to. The characters of the women were voided of self-centeredness and self-absorption. The characters were written with values and a sense of responsibility from all family members. These shows also centered on compassion and supporting each other within the families and supporting their neighbors. In the episode of The Patty Duke show at the link above, Patty and her mom talk indirectly about a guy, mostly from Patty. This guy is their doctor. Patty has a crush on the doctor who will be removing her tonsils. This particular episode probably would not pass the Bechdel test because it does have a man who is the focus of their conversations.

I don’t remember what was going on in the world at the time this show was airing. I do remember a feeling of peace and tranquility. I was too young to know the status of women at that time. My mom was a stay at home mom, while my father worked. I feel that these shows did reflect the culture of women at that time. I don’t recall ever seeing, women leaving for work, returning home from work or at work, in the shows I listed. That’s interesting, when I think about that now, many years later. Wow, things have certainly changed!

A quote from, The Rise of Enlightened Sexism, Get The Girls chapter, Rosalind a character from the 1990s show, Northern Exposure makes a very interesting comment about men who want a woman who is their intellectual equal but are afraid of women like that, then they want a woman they can dominate, and then hate her for being weak. I feel that “girl power” in some cases, not all, is a result of women being mistreated and taken for granted. There was a period in history when husbands left their wives and children. Many of these women were left homeless as a result. I feel this treatment was the catalyst that encouraged women to become self sufficient, by starting school to earn a degree of some sort or develop a skill. They had no choice, but to develop a thick skin in that process, if they were going to have to support themselves and their children as a single parent.

Women in the media today, are portrayed different from the days of The Patty Duke show. We’ve come a long way!

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What is the Color of Beauty?

Beauty comes in all colors and sizes. My focus for this discussion is how the media, portrays women of color in the media in terms of their skin tone. The skin tones of African American women are lightened to almost appear white in the images below. I don’t think this is necessary. The women are just as beautiful in the photos that show their true skin tone, which is darker than the lighten ones. My question is this, what is the true message of these ads? And, for what purpose do they serve? Is it to sell a product or, is it to program the minds of its viewers to associate certain skin tones with beauty?

Although, I have seen these ads below, I never paid that much attention to the skin tones being lightened. However, through this class and googling women in the media, this article came up during my search. I think it is a very interesting article.

gabourey-sidibe-photoshop-450-thumb-450x300-764251 2 QueenLatifahBeforeAfter
I would like to believe that products are created and manufactured to sell the product. If the true goal is to sell a product and make money, just imagine, with all the various women of color that exist in the world; these women would buy these products.  However, it appears that the goal is to influence its viewers to focus on a specific skin tone type.  What is the premise for which these ads exists? Women of color vary in ethnicities? Your thoughts?

Women of Color Images