What is the Color of Beauty?

Beauty comes in all colors and sizes. My focus for this discussion is how the media, portrays women of color in the media in terms of their skin tone. The skin tones of African American women are lightened to almost appear white in the images below. I don’t think this is necessary. The women are just as beautiful in the photos that show their true skin tone, which is darker than the lighten ones. My question is this, what is the true message of these ads? And, for what purpose do they serve? Is it to sell a product or, is it to program the minds of its viewers to associate certain skin tones with beauty?

Although, I have seen these ads below, I never paid that much attention to the skin tones being lightened. However, through this class and googling women in the media, this article came up during my search. I think it is a very interesting article. http://www.beautyredefined.net/beauty-whitewashed-how-white-ideals-exclude-women-of-color/

gabourey-sidibe-photoshop-450-thumb-450x300-764251 2 QueenLatifahBeforeAfter
I would like to believe that products are created and manufactured to sell the product. If the true goal is to sell a product and make money, just imagine, with all the various women of color that exist in the world; these women would buy these products.  However, it appears that the goal is to influence its viewers to focus on a specific skin tone type.  What is the premise for which these ads exists? Women of color vary in ethnicities? Your thoughts?

Women of Color Images



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